More Than 1 in 5 Irish Men Are at Risk of Developing a Gambling Habit

Huge Rise in Gambling over 10 years More Than 1 in 5 Irish Men Are at Risk of Developing a Gambling Habit: For decades, we have seen how addiction to Gambling can tear apart families and destroy lives – however, today, with the normalisation of betting, fifth more young gamblers are at risk of developing […]

Why You’re so Hooked: The Science Behind Gambling

Gambling: What Happens in the brain when we Get Hooked – and How to Regain Control A gambling addiction can happen to anyone at any time. Gambling is so very addictive due to the potential rewards and dopamine release to the brain.Let us understand the science behind gambling in this article. When the brain reacts […]

Free 2 Minute Gambling Addiction Self Test

Gambling Addiction Self Test. Are You a Problem Gambler? The below self-assessment aims to indicate whether you or a loved one is addicted to gambling. The questions below relate to real-life experiences common to gamblers and those suffering from a gambling addiction. Read the questions carefully and see if any similar challenges within the past […]

€10,000 a minute spent on online Gambling

Online Gambling & Addiction “Gambling addiction ruins more than one life and people chase losses with more gambling” – Senator O’Reilly The addicted gambler will experience and suffer from extreme mood swings and will most likely be battling co-occurring mental health conditions and disorders like anxiety or depression. On top of this, gambling can often […]

Do You Have Withdrawal Symptoms When You Quit Gambling?

Gambling Withdrawal Symptoms  We typically associate withdrawal symptoms with addiction to substances. Your body gets used to the presence of a certain chemical and gradually adapts to it. You need the substance to feel normal, and when you quit, your system is out of balance. This causes various withdrawal symptoms, including headaches, irritability, nausea, insomnia, […]