Six Ways Your Social Group Can Affect Your Recovery from Addiction

How Our Social Circles Affect Us Our social circles have a powerful impact on shaping our sense of identity, the life choices we make, and our attitudes and behaviour. That is how a tribe survives and we are naturally tribal creatures. There have been many studies confirming that social interaction is critical for good mental […]

Stress Management in Addiction Recovery

Stress can cause addiction, exacerbate it and increase the chances of relapse which makes it necessary to incorporate stress management in addiction recovery. Because of the integral role stress plays in addiction, it’s critical that any treatment plan for addiction includes stress management tools. Whether you’re dealing with stress in your current life or are […]

90 Meetings in 90 Days and Their Surprising Benefits

As AA mantras go, this must be one of the most daunting, especially as its advice was often given to newcomers. You can imagine people reacting: “but you just told me to take it a day at a time…” Most certainly it is a big ask for anyone, but successful recovery from addiction is not […]

What to Expect in Early Recovery

Early recovery is very new. So what can I expect in my first year of recovery after leaving rehab? One of the most important things I wish I’d known when leaving rehab. “I have gone through a life-changing five-week experience where I spent time examining my feelings, my drinking, my relationships etc. but the rest […]