How to Have a Sober Christmas

Christmas is full of parties with drinks to celebrate with. It is hard to resist temptation when a lot of adults like to celebrate special occasions like this with alcohol. While it is hard, it is possible to have a joyous Christmas this year without falling under the influence of alcohol.

Remember all of the parties they had in the past and how much fun they used to have could make them want to relive those memories. You can go to a party where you are reuniting with old friends and they want to rekindle their friendship with a drink. You do not want to give them the wrong idea that by refusing the drink, you are refusing their friendship.

It feels very tempting being at celebration parties where everyone drinks because people can make you feel like the odd one out for not joining in on the fun. It also does not help that the media promotes alcohol consumption to boost sales for the time of the year that is known for drinking. The main issue is that you could be sober for years but still feel the temptation to accept a drink when offered or in front of your eyes.

In order to stay sober during the holidays, read recovery literature or keep talking to an online community of recovering alcoholics. Being surrounded by newly sober people can be a great support system where you can help each other out. If you ever need help during this time, collect their numbers so that you know who to turn to. You can also keep a journal to remind you about all of the good things that came from sobriety and how one night should not ruin your efforts.

Instead of past traditions of drinking, come up with new traditions like building a gingerbread house or watching It’s a Wonderful Life on ABC. Also, do not be afraid to contact your sponsor just in case you feel stressed out and talk to your friends and family to let them know how challenging this had been for you. It is best to avoid situations altogether where there is alcohol. If you are at the party and someone offers you a drink, give a firm no without any explanation. If it feels too much for you, leave immediately and go to your sponsor, meeting, or a trusting family or relative.


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