How You Can Be an Advocate for Recovery Everyday

Being an advocate for addiction recovery, it is when you develop actions and activities to influence decision makers to grow, establish, or change policies concerning drug laws. Europe has 218 drug law advocacy groups. One of them is the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) which provides overview of drug problems and evidence to support debates. This group gives policy makers information to think of informed drug policies and strategies. Here are some examples of European advocacy groups that aim to fix drug policy laws and improve treatment for those under the influence.

In Ireland, there is The Ana Liffey Drug Project which aima to reduce harm to people and society as well as provide opportunities for the development of organizations. The Ana Liffey Drug Project also encourages addicts to take responsibility for their actions. They offer many programs such as one-on-one support, the needle and syringe program, group work, prison inreach, community detox, and much more.

In the UK, there’s The Drug Equality Alliance group whose mission is to change the war on drugs from its past perceptions to rational and objective legal framework. They aim to secure equal rights and protection to those who are concerned with dangerous, harmful drugs. The Drug Equality Alliance group also tries to use domestic and legal jurisdictions to interrogate how the law is applied to those who consume, produce, possess, and commerce drugs. This group plans to change the government’s failure to control drug law in an evidence-based way.

In Scotland, The Scotland Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs helps family support groups, shares information, and provides education on alcohol and drugs. They reach out to those who need information and support through their email service, helpline, and their website. This group also has an annual conference where family members and service providers meet up, attend workshops, share stories, and learn about the best methods of family recovery.

In Germany, The German Centre for Addiction Issues’ goal is to be a common platform for German charity associations in addiction counseling, treatment, and self-help. This group tries to inform people about problems with addiction, help them, and to give them treatment resources. They initiate negotiations and efforts between federal ministries and departments as well as health insurance and pensions plan companies. You can join any of these groups to change the world and safety of those affected by abusive substances.

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