Sobriety is Not a Social Life Sentence

You already took brave steps as you chose to say goodbye to your addiction and embrace a new you. By living the sober lifestyle, that means drugs and alcohol are no longer your sources of fun. You might at first think now that you are sober, the party and the fun you had is over. Maybe what you used to consider as fun is over but that does not mean you will not enjoy the sober life just as much. Sobriety is not a social life sentence and now you can have fun in a way where your health and your behavior will not take a grave turn.

When people drink in social situations, it is to help them loosen up and feel good to overcome any anxiety they may have. Now you will have to learn to overcome that anxiety without the alcohol. You can still talk to your friends without feeling the need to drink. You just have to let the conversation take its smooth course and not force yourself to say something you do not mean just to fit in.

If your friends feel that you were more fun to hang out with when you were drinking, then maybe those are not the sort of people you should be around. True friends will support you in making the right decisions for your life. It also helps not to hang out with people who are drinking in front of you if you are new to sobriety. You can find a new group of sober friends in your 12 Step group or even by joining volunteer organizations.

Unless you have only been a week sober, you are allowed to go to the bar if the urge for alcohol is gone. It would just be best to order a water or a soda instead. There are other hangout spots you can go to where there is no alcohol to see such as a friend’s home for a dinner party or meeting a friend for coffee. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous explains that an alcoholic who is spiritually fit in his recovery is capable of doing all sorts of things which an alcoholic wouldn’t be expected to do. Alcohol is a part of life, though it is no longer part of yours. Once your life is in spiritual order, you can be around alcohol without being at risk for consuming it.

There are still a lot of fun sober activities that you and your friends can do such as going bowling, to the movies, to work, or going for a bike ride or a hike together. You can relax at the spa which can have positive physical and mental outcomes. Having a sober lifestyle is a safer and healthier way of enjoying yourself.

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