The Number Heroin Users in Treatment in Ireland Hit Record Numbers

Heroin Users in Ireland Needing Addiction Help Reaches Record Numbers Here at Smarmore Castle, we treat huge numbers of heroin-dependent users every year. Over the last decade, our admissions department has seen substantial increases in heroin-dependent individuals seeking help, support, and recovery. See treating heroine addiction. But it’s not just our specialised addiction team that […]

More Than 1 in 5 Irish Men Are at Risk of Developing a Gambling Habit

Huge Rise in Gambling over 10 years More Than 1 in 5 Irish Men Are at Risk of Developing a Gambling Habit: For decades, we have seen how addiction to Gambling can tear apart families and destroy lives – however, today, with the normalisation of betting, fifth more young gamblers are at risk of developing […]

Irish towns struggle with drug issues as cocaine addiction soars

Cocaine addiction and distribution soars in local Irish towns County Tipperary is a beautiful county in Ireland that’s home to lakes, farmland and mountains; its county town Clonmel in the south is often described as the gateway for exploring the region. However, as of late, Tipperary town has been a gateway for much more. Since […]

€10,000 a minute spent on online Gambling

Online Gambling & Addiction “Gambling addiction ruins more than one life and people chase losses with more gambling” – Senator O’Reilly The addicted gambler will experience and suffer from extreme mood swings and will most likely be battling co-occurring mental health conditions and disorders like anxiety or depression. On top of this, gambling can often […]

LGBTQ & Addiction: Causes, Resources & Treatment

LGBTQ Addiction & Recovery Ireland Irish studies have shown that members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community show higher substance abuse rates compared to the general population. More. Elevated feelings of guilt, shame and doubt are all products of the social stigma, discrimination and humiliating behaviour the LGBTQ community face and battle […]

Internet & social media addiction

What to do about it How to End Social Media Addiction and Protect Your Mental Health With the advent of the social media age, the concept of addiction to online social platforms has become increasingly concerning. Defined as a behavioural addiction, a social media addiction will involve being highly and overly concerned about social media […]

Irish Addiction Services see a major increase

Irish Addiction Services see a major increase in demand since Christmas 2020/1 Smarmore Castle is an addiction treatment centre about 45 minutes north of Dublin.  This means we are on the frontline coping with addiction problems here in Ireland. With many of us stuck in our homes since early 2020, life has inevitably become harder. […]