What Makes Someone Start Smoking

When you see people smoking cigarettes, you wonder what it is that causes people to want to take their first smoke and what is the appeal. According to the Center for Disease Control, 16.8% of adults smoke and there are 480,000 deaths a year in the U.S. from smoking cigarettes. It is important to avoid any triggers that can come from wanting to start smoking so that you can live a longer life and prevent getting lung cancer.

Nonsmokers smoke to prove to a crowd and themselves that they are willing to try something risky. When someone asks you if you have a light, it makes people feel acceptance. People tend to bond during their cigarette breaks as they share cigarettes and lighters. Having a parent who is an active smoker will double the chances of their kids trying to smoke as well as they see how often their parents smoke and how they feel when they do.

When the main character of a TV show or movie is smoking a cigarette, it looks stylish and appealing to viewers watching. Many also smoke as they see it as self-medicating any mental illnesses they have such as anxiety or depression. Soldiers would smoke on the battlefield to escape the wartime stress they would face. It is ironic that people want to use nicotine to fight nerve-wracking situations when in the end, they will be fighting the nicotine itself when smoking becomes an unhealthy addiction.

Smoking can cause people to develop lung disease, cancer, heart disease, and early death. In small amounts, smokers can get pleasant feelings and helps as a distraction. It can also speed up your heart and raise your blood pressure as well. Nicotine can reach the brain in seconds and the effects can wear off after a few minutes which will make smokers want more. For those trying to smoke but see constant triggers everywhere, they should record in a notebook when they smoke, intensity of cravings, what they are doing, where they are, who they are with, and how they feel. Change your routine around that revolves around smoking like to stop smoking when in the car, drinking coffee, stay away from friends who smoke, and go to places where smoking is not allowed like non-smoking restaurants, libraries, museums, and theaters. Changing your lifestyle little by little will increase the chances to quit smoking.


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