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Smarmo Offers Hse-Funded Spaces to Guarantee Everyone Receives the Care They Need

At Smarmore Castle, we recognise the financial considerations involved in seeking mental health and addiction treatment. Our commitment is to provide services with accessible funding options to alleviate these concerns.

If you’re seeking rehab services in Ireland, the Health Service Executive (HSE) might be able to provide financial support to help cover some of your treatment costs, depending on your situation.

Understanding medical funding and insurance can be daunting, especially if you’re also dealing with the challenges of addiction and mental health issues. Whether you’re exploring options for yourself or someone else, this page will take you through the process and hopefully provide insight into the steps necessary for securing funding and accessing the high-quality care and support available at Smarmore Castle. 

Smarmore’s inclusion of HSE-funded patients promotes equitable access to care. Addiction does not discriminate based on socio-economic status. By providing beds for HSE-funded patients, we ensure that individuals from diverse financial backgrounds have access to high-quality addiction treatment.

Steps for Admission to Smarmore Castle Using Private Health Insurance

The following steps are essential for a smooth and efficient admission process at Smarmore Castle. 

Pre-Admission Assessment:

This initial step involves a comprehensive assessment to evaluate whether Smarmore Castle is the most appropriate facility for your treatment needs.

It includes an evaluation to help us understand the severity of your addiction, medical history, mental health status, and any other relevant personal circumstances. 

The goal is to create a tailored treatment plan which addresses any unique requirements to ensure you receive the most effective care.

Funding Confirmation with HSE:

You must confirm your eligibility and secure funding for treatment from HSE Ireland. This process involves submitting an application to HSE, which may require documentation of your addiction issues, financial status, and proof of residence. This process ensures that the funding is appropriately allocated based on need and eligibility.

Smarmore can help you navigate this process, but it’s up to you to ensure that your funding request is correctly submitted and processed by HSE.

Admission Confirmation:

After securing funding, Smarmore will confirm the availability of a bed.

We will liaise with you, or whoever is arranging your treatment, to let you know of the next available slot for admission. The time frame can vary depending on demand and the specific circumstances, however, once a bed is confirmed, we will let you know your admission date so you can plan accordingly.

Contact HSE Addiction Services:

The HSE Addiction Services can offer comprehensive information about various aspects of addiction treatment, guidance on the funding process, and additional support services available. They can also assist in navigating the healthcare system and provide information about other available resources.

Each of these steps is designed to ensure that you receive the most appropriate care in a timely and organised manner, while also navigating the complexities of funding and healthcare system procedures.

Why Choose HSE Funding? 

Choosing to fund treatment through the Health Service Executive (HSE) is a viable choice for many, particularly for those who can’t afford the cost of such treatment or do not have private health insurance. It’s important to understand that while financial considerations are a key factor in this decision, the standard of care provided at Smarmore Castle remains outstanding. 

We are committed to delivering exceptional treatment and support, regardless of how the treatment is funded. This ensures that all patients, irrespective of their financial circumstances, receive the highest quality care in their journey towards recovery.

It’s important to note that while there are many benefits, the availability and type of services provided can vary, and there may be waiting lists or other considerations to take into account.

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