Experience Smarmore Castle

Dedicated to Quality Addiction Treatment

Our Team

The unrivalled alcohol and drug rehab experience that Smarmore Castle offers is attributable to our most valuable resource – the dedication and compassion of our staff. Our enthusiastic team of doctors, nurses and therapists, as well as the other staff at Smarmore Castle, makes our environment a truly welcoming, energising and restorative place.

Swimming Pool, Sauna, Steam Room, and Gym

Equipped with a large swimming pool, spacious gym, steam room and sauna, we give our patients the means to get their bodies back into shape, free from cravings; their minds focussed and free from the compulsion to drink and use drugs; their spirits renewed; and their lives back on track.

Discreet Location

Based in 15 acres of private land set amid the rolling hills of County Louth, Smarmore Castle is only a 30 minute drive from Dublin, and is a beautiful and discreet haven in which to start the journey of recovery.

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