Anthony Deegan

Anthony was a patient at Smarmore Castle Private Clinic nearly 5 years ago. Anthony arrived at treatment as a hopeless and beaten addict following nearly 3 decades of active substance abuse.

Although he struggled at times, Anthony completed the Smarmore programme, accepting all the suggestions and direction offered to him, holding on during those dark moments, and, instead of running, he reached out for the support that was there for him through Smarmore and the Fellowship.  

Anthony is now a proud and valuable member of staff at the clinic. As a Smarmore Recovery Advocate, he seeks to make a difference where he can. 

‘I am humbled every day as I witness totally hopeless, broken human beings, coming into treatment and watch them slowly come back to life, begin to find some hope again, and see the light return to their eyes as they journey through the Smarmore programme, gaining an understanding of their illness and seeing Recovery is possible. I see it as a great privilege to be a part of their journey. 

‘Being a small part of their journey makes every day truly amazing’.  Anthony Deegan, Recovery Advocate & Smarmore Castle Private Clinic Past Patient.