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Recovery Month 2021 at Smarmore Castle

September is Recovery Month and at Smarmore Castle we dedicate it to celebrating recovery and breaking the stigma of addiction. This is a time to reflect on what you’ve achieved, how you can support others, and what more you can do to continue living a life free from addiction.

This year’s theme: “Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.” After a year of isolation and uncertainty, 2021’s recovery month is here to remind everyone here in Ireland and across the UK that we’re all in this together.

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Breaking down the stigma around addiction and mental health is so important. Stigma prevents people from seeking help for their addiction, and they are more likely to keep the problem hidden for longer and refuse treatment. Read more on how to cope with stigma.

Recovery Month reinforces the importance of self-care as well as behavioural health, but above all, it’s a way of showing others that recovery is possible. It’s also a great way to bring the community together and allow like-minded people to discuss what recovery means to them.

Here you will find stories of hope from people who have overcome addiction and maintained sobriety. Finding recovery is life-changing, but for many people, the journey is a challenging one. We will also be looking at the different challenges you may face throughout the process and what you can do to overcome them. How to help someone with an addiction. 

Telling Our Stories of Recovery

Below you will see some short inspirational stories about addiction treatment filmed at our sister hospital Castle Craig in Scotland. These amazing stories show that you can recover from addiction and go on to lead a fulfilling life.

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Inspirational Rehab Stories

Steven from Scotland tells his story of addiction to heroin and long-term methadone maintenance, finding himself at Castle Craig to detox from heroin and taking part in the residential rehab programme at Castle Craig, and turning his life around. Now working with others in recovery Steven is a true inspiration.

Simon describes himself as a “functional alcoholic”. In his account, he struggled to barely maintain his working lifestyle and day-to-day activities while in active alcoholism. “I was not being as efficient as I could have been, to say the least.” He describes the benefits of abstinence on his lifestyle and happiness.

In her story about drug addiction to sobriety, Charlene speaks with conviction and enthusiasm for her new life in recovery with hope and happiness – “I feel absolutely free!”

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And here we are celebrating our passion for recovery through the Jerusalema Dance!

How You Can Celebrate Recovery Month

Recovery is about a whole new lifestyle, and a new mindset. It embraces your newfound sobriety and requires connection and communication in order to keep it going. No matter what your stage of recovery is you might find these ideas helpful:

Go to a meeting and connect with your recovery community. If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while then join a new meeting and remember recovery is also about helping others who are in the early stages, you could be part of saving someone’s life.

Talk about your recovery to your family and friends or even on social media in order to break down the stigma surrounding addictions.

Visit your local recovery cafe – recovery cafes are popping up all over the place. Find your nearest one and meet some new friends in recovery.

Practice some mindfulness and yoga – reflect on how far you have come and the bright future that lies ahead of you.

Thank somebody – take time to practice some gratitude for your loved ones who have been there for you through your recovery journey.

Reach out – if you are struggling with cravings for alcohol or drugs or if you are struggling with mental health problems don’t feel that Recovery Month isn’t for you. Reach out to us at Smarmore Castle and we will point you in the right direction if we can’t help ourselves.

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