But until something terrible happens to you or a loved one due to alcoholism, you will never truly grasp the true magnitude of alcohol addiction in Ireland and the number of lives it destroys.

Positive Benefits of Sobriety & Quitting Drinking

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Benefits of Sobriety

Just like cigarettes give warnings on the front of their packs, the dangers and health risks of alcohol are well-known, hugely circulated, and easily ignored.

Smarmore and benefits of sobriety in the long run

But until something terrible happens to you or a loved one due to alcoholism, you will never truly grasp the true magnitude of alcohol addiction in Ireland and the number of lives it destroys.

Rehab is a choice, just like alcohol might have been at the beginning. Many of the team at Smarmore have recovered from alcoholism. We get it, we’ve lived through it, we’ve survived it, and we can help you do the same. Reach out to us. We’re only a click away.

Benefits of Sobriety

You’ll begin to feel your body healing and bouncing back

Being alcohol-free for one week, you might start to see changes on the surface; no hangover, more energy, and better skin. But how is your body responding? Hows are your emotional state; how will it keep pushing you further into sobriety?

  • Day 1: Your body eliminates alcohol from your system at the rate of a unit per hour
  • Days 2-3: You may feel under the weather as dopamine (a mood-enhancing chemical) is depleted, and your body works to replace glycogen and other minerals. Sleeping might be tricky, too, as you will not be drinking to send you off.
  • Day 4-7: Your body’s systems are back to their normal working levels – you will have better concentration and more energy. You can also expect better quality sleep and are likely to wake up feeling more refreshed.
  • Day 7+ Good news is you get your feelings back; the bad news is you get your feelings back

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You’ll Be Able to Dream Again

Being sober from alcohol in just one week will see dreaming return. When you drink, REM sleep is suppressed, which might describe why you feel so tired after a night of drinking.

When your dreams begin to reappear, they’ll likely be more vivid and lucid, caused by increased rapid eye movement.

Safe Detoxification from Drugs & Alcohol

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Your relationships improve, and friends and family see you are trying

  • Research carried out by UK online divorce company Divorce-online.co.uk has found that during the critical part of the UK national lockdown, nearly 1 in 4 behaviour-based divorce petitions prepared by the company mentioned alcohol abuse as a crucial reason for the divorce filings.

Alcoholism undoubtedly affects friendships, marriages, and family relationships. For children, it can cause trauma and develop a substance abuse condition in the future. In addition, it is often one of the leading causes of divorce and estrangement in marriages.

Going to rehab like Smarmore Castle to recover from alcoholism means you will not only build a stable path to sobriety but be able to build bridges with your nearest and dearest.

Alcoholism may be a family illness, but it is also a family recovery. We have seen families torn apart and then brought back together as children get their Mum or Dad back.

We offer family therapy as an intrinsic part of the programme; together, we can help the family heal by educating them about their illness and by you hearing about their pain.

Enjoy Emotional Freedom

Where Is the Next Drink Coming From

Alcohol anxiety’ becomes a thing of the past. That constant obsession with everything alcohol lessens in time. Patients find freedom and a real sense of joy from having space to think about other, more important things. That washing machine head quietens.

Where Is the Next Drink Coming From

Alcoholism is an illness that wants you alone. It is an illness of apartness, hiding, shame, and isolation. Coming into treatment is a discovery that you are not alone; you are in fact, one of a growing number in Ireland who has the courage to face their demons and recover from alcoholism.

It is about a life worth living.

Alcohol rehab is not just about getting sober; it’s about healing, rebuilding, and learning to cope with whatever life throws at you without the need for other substances.

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