What are the best options for drug and alcohol treatment in Ireland?

What are The Best Options for Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ireland?

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There Are Four Types Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ireland

They can be broken down into:

  • Charitable treatment centres
  • Church-run centres
  • State-run facilities
  • Private rehabs (self-funding/health insurance)

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Charity-Run Rehab Facilities:

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ireland

It’s important you take the time to understand the advantages and disadvantages of any facility before you decide where to begin your treatment.


  1. These institutions have lots of experienced staff working there across many departments; including special rehab wings in the larger psychiatric hospitals.
  2. Many are very well known and established
  3. They have research programmes


  1. There is some confusion with charities that offer support for addiction as many also charge fees to attend
  2. Many of these hospitals are psychiatric hospitals so there will be patients suffering from other mental illnesses like ADHD or Psychosis as well as addiction
  3. There may be a waiting list
  4. Some of these institutions are closed on the weekends, where people are sent home. This can encourage the chance of relapse and provide distractions from the programme. At Smarmore Castle, we believe that you need to be fully immersed in recovery to have the best chance of remaining abstinent
  5. Some like St Patrick’s University Hospital are very large with over 240 beds
Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ireland

Well-Known Hospitals Include:

There are several charitable rehabs across Ireland that have helped many people find recovery:

St Patrick’s University Hospital, Dublin

  • Psychiatric hospital
  • James’s Street, Co. Dublin, D08 K7YW, Ireland
  • +353 1 249 3200 (telephone lines are staffed Mon-Fri; 9-5)

This independent, not-for-profit mental health organisation has over 700 staff members, delivering 12% of the country’s inpatient and general treatment needs.

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Saint John of God Hospital

  • Psychiatric hospital
  • Stillorgan Rd, Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland
  • +353 1 277 1400

An independent, not-for-profit psychiatric teaching hospital, St John of God is part of a network that has 300 care centres worldwide.

Their Irish facility in Dublin has a total number of 183 beds.

Church-Run Centres

Christian rehab centres in Ireland include:

New Hope Residential Centre

  • Kiltalown Cottages, Kiltalown Walk, Dublin 24, D24 HOX6, Ireland
  • +353 1 451 2346

New Hope is a residential supported housing unit, which offers a safe place to recover from addiction.

Mainly they provide supported housing for men, especially the homeless, to help them achieve abstinence and sustained recovery.

Their 12-month programme is in three stages; detox & group work, employment, and education choices, and move-on accommodation.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ireland

Cuan Mhuire

The centre in Athy is best suited to those who are OK with religion and faith being a part of their recovery.

Part of the treatment includes obligatory prayers and mass.

Cuan Mhuire also takes care of those who cannot access treatment from anywhere else, such as homeless people or those who have been to prison in the past.

Many people have commented that Cuan Mhuire helped them get better.

State-Funded Rehabs

However, the HSE also offer alcohol support and addiction services available for free, for those who cannot self-fund or access appropriate treatment.

Whilst some of the HSE services are not for everyone, they do provide suitable support and addiction help for those with low budgets.

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Rehabilitation services include:

Tiglin Residential Treatment Centre

The ECRDATF funds a certain number of beds in this treatment facility for people across the East Coast region.

This HSE funded programme is also Christian faith-based and uses biblical principles as a solution for controlling drug and alcohol issues.

For a full list of free resources for alcoholism in Ireland or Northern Ireland click here. Or view from the HSE here.

Coolmine Ashleigh House Women’s Residential Programme

This HSE-funded programme helps women attain recovery through residential stays and programmes.

Private Rehabs

Private treatment hospitals like Smarmore Castle treat all types of addictions in addition to dual-diagnosis issues.

  • Medically led team
  • Medically managed on-site detox (Smarmore is one of very few in Ireland)
  • Faster admissions (patients can be admitted in 24 hours)
  • Better facilities like a gym, spas, and pools
  • Patients can choose to have their own private rooms
  • 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Full medical, nursing, biopsychosocial, and therapeutic diagnostic assessments upon admission
  • 21 doctors, nurses, and therapists

Smarmore Castle near Co. Louth is a residential clinic that provides medical and therapeutic care for those wishing to overcome alcoholism, substance, and behavioural addictions.

One benefit of private rehab is that they are often smaller and more personal. The ratio of staff to patients is more generous.

This means you get more of a personal recovery experience, build better relationships with therapists and psychiatrists and receive treatment in a facility entirely focused on addiction recovery.

The chances of achieving long-term abstinence can increase dramatically by attending rehab.

In addition, more 1-1 time with a consultant psychiatrist means that possible co-occurring diagnoses, like bipolar, PTSD, or depression can be more easily discovered, and the underlying causes for your addiction can be addressed.

Here at Smarmore Castle, we build our recovery plans around you and your unique situation.

All patients are treated as individuals and not just a number.

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More about rehab:

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