Belfast Addiction Services

Belfast Addiction Services

Types of Belfast Addiction Services

We understand addiction like no one else.

Whatever your vice is, we know that addiction can often make you feel like you’re all alone, with no one there to listen or understand your story, let alone help guide you to the other side.

And whilst addiction programmes can be few and far between in Belfast, there is help and support near you if you know where to look.

Here at Smarmore Castle, we believe that everyone deserves to be heard and helped, so regardless of who you choose to reach out to, we are happy to help you find the right place to recover.

For advice, immediate support, or admissions help to our centre, contact us on live chat or click here.

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Free addiction services in Belfast & NI

Explore help from charity and state-run facilities:

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (BHSCT)

  • Address: Malone Place Clinic, 31 Malone Place, Belfast, BT12 5FD
  • Telephone: 028 9073 7547
  • How to access: GP or other statutory service referrals
  • Treatment support services: Detox, prescriptions, talking therapies, mentoring, family support, advice and group support.

Belfast Drug and Alcohol Coordination Team (BDACT)

  • Address: Throughout Belfast
  • Telephone: (028) 9084 0555
  • How to access: No referrals required / email
  • Treatment support services: Education, awareness and prevention plans

Community Drugs Programme (Falls Community Council)

  • Address: 257 – 277 Falls Road, Belfast, BT12 6FD
  • Telephone: 028 9020 2030
  • How to access: Open access, self-referrals accepted and GP referrals
  • Treatment support services: 1-1 family support, acupuncture, mentoring and onwards referrals

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Reach Out (Extern)

  • Address: Across Northern Ireland
  • Telephone: 074 4253 3165 /
  • How to access: Open access, self-referrals accepted
  • Treatment support services: 1-1 support over the phone or WhatsApp for those impacted by drugs and alcohol or mental health issues, advice and one-to-one counselling sessions via phone

Low Threshold Services (BHSCT Drug Outreach Team)

  • Address: 159 Durham Street, Belfast, BT12 4GB
  • Telephone: 028 9504 1433 /
  • How to access: Open access, self-referrals accepted
  • Treatment support services: Aimed at those who misuse alcohol or drugs at a harmful level and cannot commit to formal treatment (chronic drinkers and injecting users). Needle/syringe exchange, key working, advice and support.

Community-Based Adult Services (Addiction NI)

  • Address: 40 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast, BT9 6AZ
  • Telephone: 028 9066 4434 /
  • How to access: Open access, self-referrals accepted & from GPs
  • Treatment support services: One to one therapeutic treatment and support for those 18+ misusing alcohol or drugs. Furthermore, family members are also welcome for advice and support. Talking therapies and group support are also offered, in addition.

Residential Addiction Treatment Centre (Carlisle House)

  • Address: 31 Carlisle Circus, Belfast BT14 6AT
  • Telephone: 028 9032 8308
  • How to access: Addiction service referrals
  • Treatment support services: Six-week residential programme.

See more specific resources for alcoholism in NI here.

As leading addiction experts only an hour’s drive away from Belfast, Smarmore Castle is a private residential rehab that offers 24/7 support for those in Northern Ireland struggling to find local addiction help. See what we can offer Belfast clients.

Our recovery programme is a minimum of four weeks, including detox, evidence-based therapies (individual, group, and family), and weekly aftercare support.

Additionally, those who work through their addiction issues with us can benefit from a 22m pool and a gym. Secondly, complementary and holistic therapies are available, and five acres of natural Irish beauty.

A Medical Director and Clinical Manager will oversee your entire stay. They will liaise with therapists, counsellors, and recovery advocates to ensure the smoothest and most stable recovery route.

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