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Why You Shouldn’t Drink Alcohol With Diazepam

Combining alcohol with prescription drugs is generally ill-advised, but mixing it with diazepam, commonly known as Valium, is particularly dangerous. Diazepam, a benzodiazepine prescribed for anxiety, muscle spasms, seizures, and other medical conditions, works by calming the brain and nerves. Alcohol, meanwhile, is a depressant. When taken together, they significantly slow your brain activity, leading […]

Is it Safe to Drink Alcohol With Tramadol?

If you’ve been prescribed tramadol for pain relief, you might think having a drink would be harmless. Unfortunately, mixing alcohol with a strong opiate like Tramadol comes with significant health risks. This combination can significantly impair your central nervous system, leading to potentially life-threatening conditions such as respiratory depression. Taking both substances together can increase […]

Weed Withdrawal Symptoms Explained

Quitting cannabis, also known informally as ‘weed’, is a significant step towards reclaiming your health and well-being, but it isn’t without its challenges. The transition from the pleasant effects of recreational cannabis use to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms can be very daunting. You may experience a spectrum of symptoms, from mood swings to sleep disturbances, that […]

The Dangers of Mixing Codeine and Alcohol

A growing number of people are combining codeine and alcohol for recreational purposes. What few know is that mixing codeine with alcohol increases your risk of overdose by over 50%. When you combine these two substances, you’re not just doubling the effects; you’re creating a potentially lethal cocktail that can severely depress your central nervous […]

How to Set Realistic Goals During Recovery

Choosing to begin your recovery journey is a commendable and courageous decision, that comes with both challenges and triumphs. Central to this journey is the art of setting realistic goals, a skill that can significantly influence the success and sustainability of recovery. Here we’ll discuss the importance of establishing attainable, measurable, and personally meaningful objectives, […]

Mindfulness and Addiction Recovery: Why is it Important?

In recent years, mindfulness has emerged as a transformative tool in helping people with addiction recovery. While the roots of mindfulness stem from long-standing Eastern philosophy and traditions, a growing body of new research demonstrates its true benefits for your mental well-being.  People often forget that addiction starts in the mind before it can affect […]

Medication-Assisted Treatment vs Abstinence-Based Treatment

Looking into treatment options for your opioid, narcotic or alcohol addiction is an important milestone. For many, it can also be overwhelming, with conflicting advice and so many programme options. We’re here to help you cut through the jargon and understand the choices available to you.  Treatment programmes can take two main forms: MAT, medication-assisted […]

Overcoming Cravings Through Mindfulness: Tips for People in Recovery

Managing cravings isn’t a test of willpower; it’s a balance of strategy and self-compassion. As you go through recovery, you can begin to understand them better. What are your triggers? What helps and what doesn’t? In this article, we’ll explain the biology behind cravings and mindful techniques that can help you develop strategies to manage […]

The Importance of Boundaries in Addiction Recovery

Why Healthy Boundaries Are Important to Recovery  Setting healthy boundaries is a crucial aspect of recovery. You could say that it is second only to maintaining sobriety.  Boundaries protect your well-being as well as your resolve; they keep you safe from unhealthy relationships. They allow you to prioritise your needs, your recovery and yourself.  If […]

The Unique Challenges Women Face in Addiction Recovery – Smarmore Castle 

Addiction can happen to all of us, regardless of gender, class, skin colour or creed. Despite this seeming universality, recovery doesn’t look the same for everyone.   Biological, social, and cultural differences mean that women face a unique set of challenges when overcoming addiction. Their bodies react differently to both the consumption and withdrawal from alcohol […]

How to Prepare for Rehab, Both Mentally and Logistically

Taking the next step to start rehab for drug or alcohol addiction can be daunting for most people. Often, there can be underlying questions like how do I prepare for rehab? What will I do there? Am I ready? What happens after rehab is complete? Without answers, these critical questions may cause anxiety, but there […]

Types of Addictive Behaviours

Understanding Behavioural and Process Addictions In a world increasingly dominated by instant gratification and digital connections, behavioural and process addictions have become more prevalent. These addictions, unlike drug addiction or alcohol addiction, involve compulsive engagement in non-substance-related activities that can disrupt daily life. Typically, people who find themselves struggling with behavioural addictions are those seeking […]