Do I Have a Problem With Alcohol?: Quiz

Do I Have a Problem With Alcohol? Alcohol Self-Assessment Test Are you concerned that you might be drinking too much alcohol? Have you asked yourself “am I an alcoholic?” This self-evaluation for an alcohol use disorder will screen you for symptoms of alcohol addiction. The below self-assessment questionnaire screens for dangerous or harmful alcohol consumption, […]

Alcohol Addiction Services ‘Woefully Inadequate’

Alcohol Addiction Services: Ireland’s Alcohol Problem Needs More Free Resources & Funding As a rehab facility in Ireland, we know all too well about the lack of quality alcohol addiction resources and services available in the country. That’s one of the primary reasons that we opened Smarmore Castle in 2015 in County Louth. After seeing […]

List of Resources for Alcohol Abuse in Northern Ireland and Ireland

Alcohol Abuse in Northern Ireland: Charities, Rehabs & Free Help “Smarmore Castle in County Louth is one of Ireland’s best alcohol and drug rehab clinics offering tonnes of addiction support. Over a thousand people have entered our drug and alcohol addiction facility, many of which have gone on to achieve lifelong sobriety and abstinence.” If […]

Alcohol and Recovery on St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is synonymous with alcohol and this can be difficult if you are in early recovery from alcoholism. Even with bars and pubs shut this St Patrick’s Day it is hard to avoid discounts on sales of alcohol in the shops, and news reports say that people will still be meeting in secret […]

Secret Drinking – How to spot the Signs Of Hidden Alcoholism

Hidden Signs of Alcoholism How can you see the signs of secret drinking when people with an alcohol problem become so good at hiding it? Many people occasionally enjoy a nice glass of wine or a pint in a pub. But how can you tell when things get out of hand, and alcohol consumption becomes […]

Chest Pains After Drinking Alcohol

Causes, Symptoms and How to Help Picture the scene: it’s the morning after a hefty night before in Dublin’s pubs and clubs. You wake up, and alongside the hazy memories and bloodshot eyes, you also feel an ache in your chest. Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve experienced chest pain after a binge-drinking session with […]

Alcoholism and Pregnancy

Alcohol Use in Pregnancy Anything that a pregnant mother consumes also gets consumed by her unborn child. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in 10 pregnant women drink and 1 in 50 women binge drink which is more than five drinks a day. – Alcoholism rates in Ireland. It is important for pregnant […]