Tips for Stress Management in Recovery

Stress management requires people to take focused inventory of internal and external factors impacting one’s life. There are warning signs of stress which are helpful to know so that a person can cope better with stress to avoid relapse in recovery.


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Managing stress is a skill which needs to be worked on. Recognising physical and psychological symptoms may help the person with addiction manage better. A person with addiction who is completing treatment should make a stress management plan. Stress management is part of relapse prevention. A plan should ask:

  • What are physical signs of stress

  • What are psychological signs of stress

  • What are situations which cause stress

  • How can a person relax without use of alcohol or drugs

  • How to relax when stressed

Each source of stress can then have a plan of attack around how to cope when things come up so that the person feels more equipped to handle what may come.


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