December 4, 2017

Cycling in Recovery

When you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you filled up your free time by getting drunk or high. Being in recovery involves finding a better use of your free time as boredom can lead to a relapse. Riding a bicycle can is a great activity to do when you are in recovery as each ride will strengthen your body and your mind.

December 1, 2017

Prison is not a Solution to Addiction

People who are arrested for crimes related to drugs or alcohol may help them get sober during their sentence but they will not recover when their sentence is over. According to the National Council and Drug Dependence Inc., 80% of crimes are committed that are related to drugs and alcohol. The National Association of Drug Court Professionals say that 95% of incarcerated adults return to substance abuse.

November 30, 2017

Morphine Addiction

Pain reliever drugs have the potential to be abused too when people find out about the underlying effects they can give. Morphine drugs, named after the Greek G-d of dreams Morpheus, is a powerful narcotic drug from the opium poppy plant that can produce deadly effects to those who abuse it.

November 30, 2017

Genetics Playing a Factor in Addiction

Genes are composed of sequences of DNA molecules and are packed in chromosomes. Your chromosomes are your basic manual for traits. Genetic factors can include mental health, personality traits, and physiological reactions to drugs such as the severity of hangovers, risk-taking behaviors, and certain type of drugs. Out of the 46 chromosomes you have, 23 of them come from your parents.

November 30, 2017

  • New Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Gerard Lynch, appointed.
  • New Clinic Manager, Mary Curtis, appointed.
  • Smarmore Castle receives the Intertek ISO 9001 accreditation for quality management.

Quality Standards at Smarmore Castle

Smarmore Castle Appoints New Consultant Psychiatrist

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Gerard Lynch, MD, FRCPsych, as Consultant Psychiatrist. Dr. Lynch is the Chairman of the Northern Ireland division of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.  He joins a well established medical team led by Medical Director Dr. Hugh Gallagher.

November 28, 2017

Diet Pills Addiction

Losing weight involves a lot of strenuous hours of dedication, exercise, lifestyle changes and hard work. Not everyone is willing to go through these lengths to lose weight so they are looking for a quick fix. According to the University of Minnesota, 20% of girls from ages 19-20 have abused diet pills. It is important for those who are addicted to diet pills to seek treatment before they experience long-term physical and mental effects.

November 27, 2017

How to Recover from a Traumatic Event

Traumatic stress is a normal reaction to a tragic event like a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, a car accident, a plane crash, or a shooting. You can experience traumatic stress whether you were a survivor of the event or had nothing to do with it. It is important for those who have experienced or are surrounded by tragedy to do things to pick you up and make you happy as well as have a good support system.

November 24, 2017

Klonopin Addiction

There are plenty of drugs prescribed by doctors that can be addicting and habit-forming. One of them is a benzodiazepine called Klonopin which can cause someone to be addicted within a few weeks. According to Addiction Center, 75,000 people went to the emergency room due to complications from Klonopin in 2011. Stevie Nicks was addicted to Klonopin for eight years and she described the drug as making her less productive and less able to write good songs.

November 24, 2017

How to Love Your Body

Many people tend to take advantage of their bodies. People tend to self-harm themselves in order to look the way they want to such as over-exercising, plastic surgery, doing abusive substances, or undereating. According to the National Eating Disorders, 70% of women ages 18-30 years-old are dissatisfied with their bodies as well as 43% of men. It is important to understand the importance of loving your body by taking care of it and finding ways to let yourself know you are worth it.

November 24, 2017

Foods to Improve Your Mood


Eating foods like candy, fried foods, ice cream, and baked goods might be foods that make us feel good when we eat them because of how they taste, they can actually make you bloated and tired. The foods we eat can affect our moods and it is important that we keep certain nutrients in our diet in order to promote a healthier and happier mood.