The Devastation Of Ketamine

While reports increase globally about the efficacy of Ketamine in treating depression or even addiction, countries in the EU become increasingly aware of how devastating ketamine can be. The psychoactive drug is classified as a dissociative drug because of its ability to create mental separation from reality, the body, and the self. Collectively referred to as the “k-hole” this point of mental delusion is sought after by the many men, women, and young people who abuse the drug. In practical application, ketamine is used as a tranquilizer for large animals, like horses. Powerful enough to sedate a horse, it is of little curiosity as to why the drug can be damaging to the human brain as well as body.

Ketamine is used either in pill form or as powder. Smoked, swallowed, injected, or snorted through the nose, ketamine can easily be mistaken with other powdery drug or pill form substances. MDMA is a growing problem in Ireland. Ketamine is often referred to as the “new ecstasy” and may often be sold as ecstasy, though it is ketamine. Significantly stronger and producing vastly different side effects, the drug is popular in the club scenes, but far more dangerous.  Dancing, drinking, loud music, and warm environments makes ketamine addiction in party scenes more dangerous. As people get lost in the hallucinatory sensations of the drug, empowered by the music, they are unable to recognise warning signs of overdose like reduced heart rate and organ failure. Extreme abuse of ketamine can result in damage to the liver and the kidneys. In addition, long term abuse of the drug is known to cause issues in the bladder, resulting in painful problems with the urinary system. Ongoing, ketamine abuse can cause permanent damage to the brain like paranoia or psychosis, as a result of losing touch with reality.


Reports have found that ketamine has become one of the cheaper drugs on the market. As low as a few euros a gram, it’s easy to get a cheap, effective fix on ketamine. Popular drugs like ketamine pose a threat to the developing drug problem in Ireland.



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