Eating Disorders In Ireland

200,000 people in Ireland are affected by eating disorders according to The Eating DIsorders Association of Ireland. Each year, 80 deaths occur as a result of eating disorders, severe mental health issues which cause extreme physical distress. Of those with eating disorders in Ireland, 85% of them are young females ranging in age from girls in their teens to young women in their early twenties. Anorexia nervosa, one of the most frequently occurring eating disorders, has one of the highest fatality rates across mental health disorders. Commonly in combination with other mental health disorders like psychiatric disorders and addiction issues with drugs and alcohol, anorexia is highly dangerous. The body struggles against chronic malnutrition, strain from compulsive exercise, and other drastic measures to reduce or maintain weight.


Brain research has found that eating disorders can take many years to fully recover form in the brain because the dysfunction of eating disorders lives in the deepest parts of the brain where habits are formed. Eating disorders become learned, habitual behaviors over time, creating concrete associations in the mind between danger and food. Eating disorders have no specific cause. What brings someone to develop an eating disorder is a unique journey. Likewise, their journey to recovery will be unique as well, which is why eating disorder treatment necessitates individualised treatment programs.


Real change is possible for recovery from eating disorders at Smarmore Castle Private Clinic. Our programmes for eating disorder treatment are provided in conjunction with co-occurring disorders and addictions, which are frequently a dual diagnosis. Individualised programmes focus on the specific needs of each client, building a lifestyle conducive toward lifelong abstinence. For information, call one of our caring staff members today at +353 41 214 5111.

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