Eating Locally Sourced Foods Has Benefits For Mind And Body

Smarmore proudly serves locally sourced food. Ireland is known for producing rich, nutrient filled produce. Recovery treatment has to focus on the mind and the body in order to support the growth of the spirit. By providing locally sourced foods, we help our clients heal their bodies while teaching them important life skills for when they leave treatment. Becoming deeply involved in a local community is a way to be connected in recovery. Choosing locally sourced foods is something our patients learn to do for themselves in self-care, for their diet and nutrition, as well as part of their way to give back to the communities around them.

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Choosing to support small business local farmers is better for the environment of the planet overall and for your local economy. Food travel can be costly in both finance and environmental health. Reducing a carbon footprint can also reduce the control of commercialized farming which doesn’t treat employees or the food grown fairly. Supporting local sources of food also supports the local flora and fauna. Local farmers help support bees who help pollinate other local areas keeping beautiful greenlands green.


As part of our relapse prevention planning, our patients work with behavioral health nutritionists and therapists to develop essential life skills for taking care of their health in mind, body, and spirit. Smarmore Castle Private Clinic knows that real change is possible through treatment. Contact us today to discuss your treatment needs. Our caring staff is waiting to guide you.

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