Extreme Behaviours in Love Addiction

Love Addiction Behaviours

Sex addiction is when the person is addicted to engaging in sexual behaviours and cannot stop having sexual thoughts.

Then there is love addiction where sex is not the main pursuit.

Someone can be in love with the idea of love as they go from one relationship to the other.

Someone can also go to the point of obsession where that person occupies their thoughts on an everyday basis.

That person is put above everything and everyone else such as family, friends, and work.

A love addict’s obsession with their primary target can be deadly if not treated.

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People with love addiction have a tendency to kill for love

For example, former NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak was obsessed with astronaut William Oefelein.

They dated for two years only for him to break up with her and dated Colleen Shipman.

Nowak drove across the country to go after Shipman for feeling like a threat to Nowak trying to get back with Oefelein despite her being married and having kids.

Nowak stalked Shipman for two months and then tried to kidnap Shipman at an airport in Orlando which resulted in her getting charged with kidnapping, burglary of a car, and battery.

Love addicts stalk so that they know the whereabouts of their target and so they have the opportunity to harm that person.

They could be neglecting any life they had before meeting that person just to follow them and make sure that they are not involved with someone else.

Jodi Arias killed her boyfriend after he tried to break things off with her and she is currently serving a life sentence.

People with love addiction can threaten to kill the person they love or anyone else in the picture without letting their thoughts or intentions be known.

They are driven by their feelings to determine the course they will take.

The love addict will harass their target in their home, at work, and when they are with their family and friends.

They will make sure to be involved in anything their love interest is doing.

Their love interest will become a victim feeling the need to change their phone numbers, sneak out the back of their house, or have someone else take their phone calls.

Psychotherapy must be done to prevent love addicts from hurting someone as well as finding any underlying mental illnesses to treat to heal the person’s mental health.

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