Ketamine Gaining Popularity as a Club Drug

American chemist Calvin Stevens synthesized an anesthetic in 1962 called Ketamine that created an effect that was close to a trance. In Europe at the end of the 1980s, Ketamine was used as a recreational drug in adolescent parties consumed in low to medium doses by sniffing. This drug is not used so much anymore as an anesthetic because of its heavy side effects but is still used in the case of emergency situations. Ketamine is very popular as a club drug in Europe for the past fifteen years because of the expansion of the dance culture but drug misuse can come with deadly consequences.

Those who have taken Ketamine experience intense side effects such as feeling detachment from the environment and yourself, hallucinations, illusions, slowed breathing, numbness, weakness, loss of coordination, delirium, and much more. The effects tend to last about an hour or less but coordination, judgment, and perception can be affected a lot longer.

Antidepressants work by adjusting the brain chemicals to affect your mood but it can take up to two months to work. Ketamine used as an antidepressant can be a very effective way in lifting your mood but can also be set up for addiction since people tend to feel good when taking it. In Italy, France, Spain and the UK, Ketamine is used in techno, dance clubs, free parties, and teknivals. In a study in 2006, there were a significant amount of Ketamine users in France where at least 30% have used it at least once in their lifetime. The National Report to EMCDDA says that 23% of people in Austria have used this drug at free techno spots and were taken with groups of people with high levels of education.

Many like to take this drug for curiosity reasons since it is a new drug and not as well known as taking LSD or heroin to have a good time at clubs. You also tend to lose your thoughts, your identity, and feel united with the music. Heavy use in Ketamine can result in damage or the destruction of the bladder which can result in painful urination and surgical bladder removal. Ketamine can even be used as a date rape drug since it is tasteless and odorless. It is possible to die of an overdose as well. Doing this drug for one night of fun is not worth cutting your life short.


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