Addiction Counsellors Desperately Needed Throughout Ireland

Ireland has the third highest drug-death rate in the European Union. Ireland’s numbers alone are four times higher than the average rate of drug-death across the EU as a whole. 6,096 people died of drug related deaths between the years of 2004 and 2014 in Ireland. 697 people died in 2014. The National Alcohol Diary […]

A Tribute To A Dear Friend & Colleague…

Our colleague and friend Billy Anderson tragically lost his life yesterday in a car accident. He will be sorely missed by everyone here at Smarmore Castle. Words from our team: “Everyone loved Billy. Kind, loving, compassionate, funny, generous, and energetic are just some of the words uttered this morning by his peers to describe him.” […]

Christmas Recovery Thoughts

Recovery from addiction is our priority and even Christmas should not be allowed to get in the way. Instead, we should use this time as an opportunity to revisit some familiar truths.   Recovery is for life, and so is Christmas. Every year they are there to be enjoyed. It is good for us to […]

The Importance of the Word “Recovery”

For the latest information on Recovery Month 2021 visit our Recovery Month webpage. You would be forgiven for not knowing that September is Recovery Month — not just in Ireland but all over the world. Part of the problem is that the word “recovery” means different things: to those of us in the rehab sector it means […]

Recovery Month – Recovery Check-Up?

Welcome to Recovery Month Now in its 29th year, National Recovery Month (Recovery Month) is held every September to demonstrate to people that substance use treatment and mental health services can enable those with a mental and/or substance use disorder to live a healthy and rewarding life. It was started in the United States in […]

10 Commonly Abused Drugs in Ireland

Heroin: An opiate with strong sedative and painkilling effects. You can feel long-term drowsiness as well as fall into a coma and stop breathing. It can stay in your system for three to eight days. Cannabis: A hallucinogen made from the dry leaves and flowering parts of the female plant. While you can get a […]

The Sackler Clan – The Family Who Endorsed OxyContin

Before the Sackler Clan came to being, OxyContin was just known as an experimental drug from Germany during World War I. When Arthur, Mortimer, and Raymond Sackler bought Purdue Pharmacy and advertised OxyContin to relieve strong pain, they became the 16th most richest family in the world. In Europe, 38.8% abuse opioids including OxyContin. Why […]

Updates on Quality Standards at Smarmore Castle

New Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Gerard Lynch, appointed. New Clinic Manager, Mary Curtis, appointed. Smarmore Castle receives the Intertek ISO 9001 accreditation for quality management. Quality Standards at Smarmore Castle Smarmore Castle Appoints New Consultant Psychiatrist Smarmore Castle Private Clinic is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Gerard Lynch, MD, FRCPsych, as Consultant Psychiatrist. Dr. […]

Drug Addiction in Ireland

Drug addiction became popular in the 1970s with many Irish using heroin. According to the Medico-Social Research Board, 14% from ages 14-24 in the north side of Dublin were using heroin all year in 1983. Many in Ireland use opiates, sedatives, stimulants, solvents, hallucinations, and drugs from headshops. Ireland needs to increase efforts to prevent […]

“The Only Constant in Life Is Change” – Moving with the Times

How To Keep Up With Change The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that “change is the only constant in life.” Not only is change always happening, but it is also unavoidable. Being afraid of change is expected. Especially when change comes unexpectedly, and everything you are used to becomes different. The truth is that change is […]

16 Great Authors Who Struggled with Substance Addiction

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous character, Sherlock Holmes, was an unabashed cocaine addict. Historians have long speculated about Doyle’s own experiences with cocaine, but the evidence on that point remains inconclusive. Doyle may not have been an addict himself, but history is replete with famous authors whose drug use ranged from […]

Among Other Drug Problems, Ireland Faces Decades Late Crack-Cocaine Problem

Crack-cocaine was a popular drug in the 1980’s. In America in particular and echoed throughout the world a drug epidemic spread. Few countries were hit with the devastation that America was. After the height of cocaine use in the disco era of the 1970’s, the eighties turned cocaine addiction into crack cocaine addiction. Maintaining a […]