What are The Risks of MDMA Abuse?

MDMA is supposed to be the pure version of a popular club drug called ecstasy. Ireland is becoming well known for a problem with MDMA, leading the rest of the world in consumption of the drug. Psychedelic experiences, physical and visual hallucinations, extreme feelings of euphoria, a heightened sense of connectivity, are some of the reactions to MDMA people crave. Most often, the drug is abused in connection with music, clubs, or raves, because of the way it alters auditory sense and creates deeper meaning in the experience. Unfortunately, today, MDMA is less pure than it used to be. There is never a guarantee in buying the drug that it will be pure. Commonly sold in pill form, the chemicals which make MDMA are frequently combined with other, harmful drugs, like cocaine, heroin, or stronger synthetic opioids like fentanyl. Without the added substances, MDMA can still provide a high risk for overdose, severe physical complications, and death. As a stimulant amphetamine, MDMA quickly raises the heart rate as well as internal temperature. When the body is too overheated, it can shut down, starting with organ failure due to dehydration, or a failure of the heart. Seizures, organ failure, heart failure, and other physical symptoms are common.

Psychologically, MDMA can create issues with depression and chemical dependency. Due to the way MDMA interacts with serotonin levels in addition to dopamine levels, the drug can alter the way a person experiences joy, happiness, and pleasure. “Coming down” from MDMA, it is not uncommon for MDMA abusers to experience a deep depression and feelings of hopelessness that they will never be able to feel as happy again as they did under the influence of MDMA. Extending beyond the initial detox, the feelings of depression can be pervasive, only remedied by more abuse of MDMA.

Overtime, MDMA abuse can cause the body to wear down, extreme amounts of weight loss, and a growing dysfunction psychologically. When taken in high doses due to a building tolerance, MDMA can be a threat to health, and to life.


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