Will Roadside Drug Testing Help Ireland’s Prescription Pill Addiction Epidemic?

Prescription pill addiction has been a worsening problem for Ireland as it has for many countries around the world. Many opioid substances have been legal in Ireland for some time and prescription pain medication has been no less of a problem for Irish citizens than it has in other areas around the world. Irish Times reports that the Medical Bureau of Road Safety has recently spoken out about taking measures to “inadvertently” have an effect on the growing epidemic. “Roadside tests for drugs including cannabis, cocaine, heroin, and benzodiazepines were introduced in Ireland in April,” the article explains. “And commercially available products containing codeine are now also subject to statutory limits.”

The Medical Bureau of Road Safety directory, Prof Denis Cusack, discussed the efforts. “I believe this is actually going to have, inadvertently, a coincidental and an unintended consequence that we might be able to start tackling the over-the-counter overdosing by people using Solpadeine and Paracetamol.” In response to the measures, the director “has received numerous emails of complaint from individuals who say they have had to come off their prescriptions for over-the counter painkillers for fear of being caught over the limit while driving.”

Ongoing, there is a debate between medication users who feel that their medical problems necessitate a prescription and high usage of prescription or over the counter medication and government officials. However, around the world doctors are beginning to agree that high strength painkillers and many other medications may not be the answer to treating pain or many other ailments. Holistic approaches are being considered first, like addressing other areas of life including diet, exercise, and spiritual wellness.


Being arrested on the road for intoxication of illicit substances is often a wake up call for those who have become addicted. Either by ruling of the law or ruling of their hearts, they are drawn to seek out treatment programmes for their addictions in order to save their lives. Starting with a safe detox programmed, the body is rid of the many toxins it leaves in the body. Detox should be done in the presence of trained clinical and medical staff, twenty four hours a day. After detox is complete, there should be a seamless transition into inpatient treatment. Personal therapy, group therapy, psychoeducational lectures, skill development, and healing of the body are all necessary components for developing a lifetime of abstinence from prescription or over-the-counter drug addiction.

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